Dynacare Laboratory and Health Services Centre, Carleton Place, ON

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Dynacare Laboratory and Health Services Centre
1 Costello Lane, #6
K7C 0B4 Carleton Place
(613) 257-8596

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Gamma Dynacare Medical Laboratories


Medical Laboratories
Laboratory Services, cytology testing, Electrocardiography, Holter monitoring, specimen transportation, Clinical Trials Services, Drug testing, Trace metal analysis, Occupational health testing, Insurance Screening, Hospital Services
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May 19, 2017

Avery unpleasant lady at the desk, no greeting as I entered, there was no other patients there, I said I had a requisition from the Dr, she said take it out of the bag, I looked at her, she said, TAKE THE REQUISITION OUT OF THE BAG, I did and gave it to her, she says HEALTH card, I give it to her, she asks when did you eat last, clearly she paid no attention to the card, as it was my husbands card with his picture, I answer, he ate at 11 or 12, she says WHICH IS IT? 11 or 12, so I said 11, she looks at the requisition, we can't do this now, I said the Dr said no fasting required, she said I DIDNT SAY HE HAD TO FAST, it's 3:20, we close at 4, the blood has to sit for 15 mins, do we don't have time I said Lady, your attitude sucked, right from the words TAKE IT OUT OF THE BAG, and walked out, she should be hidden in the back room, away from people

March 14, 2017

Went for first time to this lab in Carleton Place for blood work. I had read other reviews which were not great but decided, how bad could it be? While she had the needle in my arm, i remember thinking why is she holding the needle at such a high angle with mainly only the tip of the needle inside the vein. At this point she was finishing and I was relieved to leave there. My arm on the under side was feeling like it was burning on the way home but I didn't look right away because of the winter storm outside. Once home, I looked at my arm and it was extremely swollen around the elbow and so bruised that I had immediate shock on my face. I ran to the freezer and got an ice pack. Some of the swelling has gone down later tonight, however, my surrounding insertion site is still swollen and badly bruised. Hoping tomorrow, the swelling has gone down and that it feels better. I don't like to judge people and their jobs, however , felt others should know of my terrible experience. This has never happened to me before and it is truly a little frightening.

more than 6 months ago

I completely agree with the first comment, worst service ever. The staff is absolutely stone faced and have no idea how to do their job. They crumble at the first sign of a challenge. I have a monthly test that needs to be done, it's been 3 months and they have yet to be able to actually succeed at drawing my blood. I have tiny veins and they even refuse to try. The last time I had one tech check, call the other over, she checked poked me in the back of my hand got nothing and sent me on my way with the excuse: 'if I don't feel comfortable drawing your blood I don't have too'! That is other b.s especially when the hospital lab poked me once and got a vein 10 minutes later after I went in frustrated. It really is too bad they are the only lab in town. They would absolutely go out of business with that crummy attitude and sense of entitlement. We all have a job and a life. If I have to take time off work the least they can do is try to do their job. Since they haven't actually done their job all the times I've gone they don't deserve even a single star. Worst service ever!!


, more than 6 months ago

I've never had any issues with Gamma Dynacare in Carleton Place and I have been multiple times. Though, the people working at this location at not necessarily what I would call the most "personable", they are dedicated to their job. In response to the review above, unfortunately, sometimes it can be very very difficult and painful to find a vein (especially if the patient is severely dehydrated, etc.). I've had this happen to myself on two seperate occasions in Ottawa hospitals where nurses could not get an adequate draw and have collapsed my vein. Thus, in my opinion, it is unfair to blame Gamma Dynacare for something that they may not have been able to help. Every person and every blood draw is different.

more than 6 months ago

The first time I went in, the woman taking my blood clearly had no idea what she was doing, and ended up causing me pain and bruising for a week after taking my blood. She spent 15 minutes trying to find my vein and when she finally did, had a difficult time getting the needle in. The second time, I went in for a glucose test, the lab messed up my results and ended up forwarding to my doctor that the test had been "cancelled" forcing me to have to take time out of another afternoon to repeat my glucose test, in which I went to a different lab because I'm done with dealing with Gamma Dynacare, especially the Carleton Place location.

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