Velocity Athletic Training - Interview


Open your mind to a one of a kind combination of sport and spirituality!

6 months ago

Velocity Athletic Training combines a unique type of exercise, both for the body and the mind. 


Cylex: Layla, how did you decide to turn your passion for athleticism and Reiki into a business of your own?

Velocity Athletic Training: Since childhood, I have been Athletic and Spiritual. I've carried both with me and both are very important in my life. After years of working with fitness chains, I found that their morals and values did not align with mine. I decided to create Velocity Athletic Training. I wanted to combine Athleticism with a twist of Holistic work, in other words "Body work". I have been passed a gift from my grandfather and I feel truly blessed to share this gift with my clients. The transformations both physically and on a spiritual level are so rewarding to watch.

Cylex: Do you find people to be open minded to this combination of sport and spirituality?

Velocity Athletic Training: Absolutely! In fact, clients look forward to a Reiki session and or Yoga combined with Meditation. Most often clients feel that they are able to put things in perspective once blockages and obstacles have been removed emotionally, mentally and physically. In Athletic training, I train my clients to use their own body weight, so they are being put through many drills and at times we work against the clock, so they are being pushed past their limits. When a Reiki session is booked, as I combine both, they truly look forward to deep relaxation and getting in tune with their body and their well-being. It creates balance.

Cylex: Your official title is "Personal Trainer to the Corporate Elite". What exactly does this entail and do you exclusively cater to corporate personas?

Velocity Athletic Training: This entails understanding the Corporate Mind, their schedules, their lifestyle and especially their goals. And, yes most of my clients are Corporate and or Professionals who do not want to be in a large facility. They prefer being trained in a Private, Professional environment with no distractions. They pay for Quality service, Professionalism and appreciate learning from a knowledgeable trainer. I am not only training their body, I am also educating them. This is a very important factor to my business.

Cylex: You also have a shop to further help clients with their nutrition. What type of products do you sell?

Velocity Athletic Training: I sell quality products geared to assist clients with specific issues related to their health and wellness. Most of my clients are 40+ .The need for products for 40+ is valuable. As we age, our body changes, so therefore I need to offer products that will meet that demand and meet my clients' nutritional and hormonal needs.

Cylex: How do you come up with programs for your radio station?

Velocity Athletic Training: My mind is in constant motion when it comes to my business. I download my mind through meditation and most often from there a subject for my show will come through. I will begin researching each subject, although I may already have the knowledge related to the subject, it is important to do research. Times have changed, the fitness industry has changed as well. It is important for me to remain current, I always ask myself - What is new?, What works?, What is old? etc.

Cylex: Where do you see your business going in the future? Any plans for expansion?

Velocity Athletic Training: Velocity Athletic Training is my baby. Like my two children, I always want them to flourish and excel in life. I have the same vision for Velocity Athletic Training. I would love to share that vision and the expansion, but at present, I will keep that sacred and a secret. Keep watching!


Whenever you're in need of reconnecting with your spiritual side or you're simply seeking to have a great workout, Velocity Athletic Training is the right choice for you. Try a unique combination of sport and meditation and open your mind and body to new and exciting possibilities!