Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd - Interview


The real estate market

3 months ago

Those who consistently make money in real estate know the market. They know the location and the history. They know what new developments are planned. They know the transportation and the schools. They know everything about the area where they invest. They have to know it all. Staying ahead of the competition in real estate investment means doing your homework. In this article you will find out more about how has it been to be in business since the 1900s.


Cylex: How did you come by the idea to start your own real estate database?  

Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd: Our 4th generation family business started in 1910 in the Real Estate industry.  We have always tried to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and utilizing the tools we have at our disposal.  So we use automatic emails for new listings and automatically emails statistics to clients from the MLS database.  This keeps our clients in ahead of the curve and in the know with us!   

Cylex: Is there a lot of competition in this area? How do you manage to stay on top?

Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd: There is always lots of other brokerages and Realtors but that is good, you need competition in a healthy business.  In Real Estate when you are working in the MLS you must work with all the other brokerages and Realtors closely, have good relationships because it is the type of business you need each other in order to help our clients get the home they love or sell the property they no longer need!  We try to use technology, honesty, integrity and availability to keep our clients happy!

Cylex: Do users need to register or pay some kind of fee to use your database?

Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd: We don't charge any fees for to set clients up on automatic emails or statistic, it is a free service we offer.  They do have to register because we need their email and name in order to set it up but it is no strings attached for buyers.  If a seller is on a statistics auto emailer they may be in a listing contract on their home but that is typical of any Real Estate Listing.

Cylex: Do you feature only private homes or also companies and such?  

Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd: We feature everything from a vacant lot, private home, farm, resort property, multi-family apartments, commercial property, businesses or industrial operations!  We feature all our in office listings on our website and also on other numerous sites like , , , and so much more!

Cylex: What happens if someone is interested in a property on your website? Tell us more about how the transaction is finalized.  

Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd: Usually they will contact us to view the property by email, text or phone.  We will have a Realtor view the property with them and unless they have seen a lot of properties we will recommend viewing more to make sure it is the best one for them.  Most of the time we will set up an auto email as well so they can see everything in their range.  Once they have picked the home they want we will write and offer subject to conditions (Financing, Home Inspection, Sewer Inspection, etc.) depending on the property they will cater the proper inspections to it.  We work closely with the lawyers, mortgage brokers and inspectors to make sure it is a smooth transaction.  Our office also has the ability to give the client a quote on insurance if they like which can make it easier for the them in this busy process!

Cylex: What plans do you have for the future of the company? Would you think about expanding beyond Moose Jaw?

Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd: Our office does have the ability to operate anywhere in Saskatchewan for Real Estate and Insurance from our location.  So we don't have any plans to add a 2nd office for Real Estate at the moment.  With technology today we can do so much work long distance if needed.  Moose Jaw is our backyard and we have been here longer than any other Brokerage so we like to stick to what we know best and leverage our heritage to help our clients in Moose Jaw and surrounding area!


In order to be successful in any kind of real estate investment in an emerging market, you need to do some careful analysis, you need a lot of drive and the vision to see what few others can see clearly at that stage. As we read in the interview, it’s not easy, but as long as you make your homework, you can be successful!