Dan Bales-Kogan CPA, CA - Interview


When you're looking for a way to gain better financial control

2 months ago

Accounting consultants do more than basic bookkeeping. In fact, this person probably won't “do your books,” although they might work in conjunction with a full-charge bookkeeper to make sure your books are accurate. Accounting consultants help you understand what the various reports mean, and how the data you're seeing affects your company. Accounting consultants help with a number of tasks related to accounting services.


Cylex: How long has it been since you’ve been offering bookkeeping and accounting services? What made you choose this path?

Dan Bales-Kogan: I have been in the accounting industry for nearly 20 years. I chose the accounting path in high school, when I took my first accounting course. After working in small, medium, and at a big four accounting firms, along with holding senior roles in companies, I decided to open up my own practice nearly 3 years ago, with the goal of providing outstanding service and exceptional quality to small and medium sized businesses. Having a small practice, provides me with the opportunity to get to know my clients personally and professionally, and in return I am able to provide my clients with tailored services that meet their needs.

Cylex: What size of business benefits from Dan Bales-Kogan CPA’s services?

Dan Bales-Kogan: Any business from owner operated to one employing up to 50 employees, can benefit from our services.

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Cylex: How do you ensure that the financials entered are correct?

Dan Bales-Kogan: Having accurate and complete financial statements are the cornerstone to everything we do. We use them to help business owners make financially sound decisions, create tax planning opportunities, and in the preparation and filing of tax returns. As such I have implemented a quality process, that ensures all of the information is accurate and complete. We review bank statements, CRA statements, owner paid expenses, and any other relevant information, to ensure all of the information is captured. We also leverage technology to aid in our reviews, and minimize entry errors.

Cylex: What kind of industries do you work with? Which field seems to be quite difficult to handle?

Dan Bales-Kogan: We work with a multitude of industries, which include legal, architects, engineers, doctors, dentists, IT companies and professionals, construction, real estate, and service providers. There isn't one field that is specifically difficult. Each client brings with them their unique set of circumstances and needs, which is often challenging.

Cylex: Do you use any finance and accounting software?

Dan Bales-Kogan: We use the same systems that our clients use, such as QuickBooks, Freshbooks, Wave, Xero and the like. We have experience across varying platforms, to enable us to suggest and implement systems based on our client's needs.

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Cylex: Let’s say that a client is very particular about the security of his financial data. Do you follow any data security measures?

Dan Bales-Kogan: We take data security seriously. We have partnered with SmartVault, to provide our clients with a secure client portal on which all of their data is stored. Our partnership with them, means that we do not store any information locally, or in such a way that it can be accessed by an unauthorized person including employees. We also strive to not send out any correspondence containing sensitive data, to the largest extent possible.

Cylex: What is your turnaround time / how long does it usually take to complete a project? Dan Bales-Kogan: During our initial consultation with a client, we discuss their needs, our proposed solution, and the time-frame within we will complete the work. Our main objective in everything that we do, is to ensure that we meet all filing deadlines, helping our clients avoid paying unnecessary penalties and interest. As our services vary, and rely on our clients ability to provide us with the information we require to complete any project we undertake for them, there is no set turnaround time within which we complete the work, other than timing provided during the consultation.


If you're looking for a way to gain better financial control of your rapidly growing business, and you think outsourced accounting services may be one way to do it, consider how accounting consultants can help.